Remembering All That Is Forgotten

Wow! I could not believe how much I had forgotten about running a real camera. It’s almost like starting over from scratch. I picked up a nice book published by Kodak at the local used bookstore for a few dollars and began re-educating myself. Mmmm.. let’s see… depth-of-field is greatest when the aperture is smallest.

Ok, I can see this will take some time. The first few rolls have come back and they are a mix of ‘not bad’ and ‘yuck’. I have opted to use Walgreens film and developing services for this learning phase. The film is remarkably inexpensive and the processing has been surprisingly good.

I made a trip up to the Arts & Crafts Shop at the Air Force Academy the other day with Kristina to have a look at the facilities and see what they had to offer. I was pleased to find the manager (John Elford) was an accomplished wildlife photographer, not to mention a very nice guy. I returned a few days later with my equipment and pictures and gleaned some pointers from him.

I have decided to sell my prime lens and go with a pair of high quality zooms. I am also going to pick up a polarizing filter, and a graduated neutral-density filter.