Another Marathon Shopping Day

Idaho Falls
Idaho Falls
Matt hopes this day does not repeat itself any time soon with 3 of these “power safaris” in a row in as many weeks. He, actually, is hopeful he NEVER has to have another one! Fat chance! However, even I am confident they will end soon. They exhaust me too! We are still finding organizers for bolts/screws, personal care products, a bench by the entry door, thermal window cover material (to COOL us off), a fan, paint and accessories, new phones (so we can actually make a call!), dog meds, case for my new glasses, local roaster coffee for Daniel (keep our deployed soldier happy!), a birthday gift for our grandson, and various other things. Add to that a trip to the health food store and the grocery store; Matt is ready to find solace in a bookstore, which he did today. Snooping one of the most extensive used book stores we have seen along with some chocolate, almost restored his shattered emotional condition.
When you don’t know the community and it is not that large, your choices are limited and it is time consuming, as those of you who have moved often, know. As much as I dislike Walmart, it is the place I find myself more than most any other besides a hiking trail. Hiking trails are an all most everyday occurrence. The great part about small town Wal-Marts is that they don’t have HUGE lines that take you as long to check out as it did to find all that stuff you are now having to pay for! Get in line with one other person in front of you and you are out the door in 5 more minutes! It’s great! Now if I can simplify the finding process!

Today was a fruitful day! I am so thrilled and THANKFUL! It will mean the next several days are probably full of projects but at least we have FOUND the things we needed to complete those projects. This was not the first safari after some of these items so it was a really, great day! Whew! The finding is often the hard part and though it is often a fun part, the treasure hunt has lost luster with some of these things. I can’t keep stuffing things that don’t have ‘homes’ into the shower. The shower has been my only place for homeless items until coming here. We now USE the shower AS a shower! The shower house is quarter driven and too far away so reality caused us to solve this problem.

We opened the safari day with a trip to the local roaster. The area is close to downtown in a town center concept development named Snake River Landing. The design marketed with the popular “live, work, play, and shop here” slogan – all in one lovely space is on the newer 2.5 mile greenbelt from the dam to downtown. The massive dam is the Idaho Falls. ivermectin dosage for hedgehogs Bella Vita Coffee provided a local roaster coffee and a caramel pretzel brownie for ‘second breakfast’ on a charming outdoor patio. ivermectin pour on for cattle use on mice That alone should have given Matt enough energy and brain cells for the day! We were visited by a traveling Corgie whose master has brought him to visit the coffee shop since he was 4 weeks old to be with people. He just came walking down the sidewalk with his leash behind him like he was lost. Unbeknownst to us, he had been exercising a group of rambunctious kids in the common green space around the corner of the building. We heard the frivolity but thought it was the six or so young ones we had seen earlier so he was a surprise as he rounded the corner and approached us. His master came wandering along behind him shortly and chatted with us. Lovely, very friendly people almost everywhere we go here.

We drove the Landing area that has been developed into a gorgeous neighborhood. The architecture of the office buildings is amazing-very ornate, moats winding around them, bridges to the front door, elaborate landscaping complete with fish ponds, and large statues with fountains in the roundabouts. It’s quite surprising in a community of this size. In much of area where there are Mormon buildings, there are elaborate statues or lavish architecture; it is possible that is the influence. This is an area some have said, is 40% Mormon. We had the camera and could be sharing it all but for some reason, neither of us was not thinking of pictures this morning! Oops! So sorry!

At the edge of the Landing is the Falls. They are man-made and beautifully powerful as the Snake River roars over the edge of the dam and slams on the large granite boulders below. The Falls are also interesting in that the dam goes right down the middle of the Snake River and they fall off the side. It is an odd concept but innovative. The structure of them doesn’t change the river. como tomar ivermectina tabletas 6 mg The dam was a hefty project the city embarked upon a number of years ago. Through community support (taxes) and a small percentage of government funding, the dam was rebuilt and now creates enough hydroelectric power for 50% of the city’s usage. That is one government program that IS obviously working and paying results.

I am excited about tomorrow and getting more of our projects done! Without things organized, it takes so long to break down for travel and then to set up again when we arrive. We are getting closer all the time. I have learned another level of patience and simplicity in all this. It just takes time to find the right solutions and cull all the things you thought you might need that you don’t. We have sent 3 boxes home to storage and made another drop today at The Thrify Thrift Store on the north side of town. Yes, that truly is it’s real name! After all this, I am not sure I will ever NEED a big house again!

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  1. looks like some pretty falls! and the hike in the past post(s) sound great. adding Idaho to my list of “must visit to hike soon” list

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