Father Redeem My Time!

The days are flying by and I don’t seem to get any articles written or emails returned. I am sorry all. I am amazed at what it takes to keep this crew running with all three of us in and out all day! Not to mention the continued ‘moving in’ process or doing any projects, I am not going to get into trouble any time soon for sure!!

Matt has been so faithful to write articles and did such a grand job getting the website redone! I will start tonight and try to do a short update and then write more individual items as I can.

We are about 80% moved in and settled. I still have a lot of things stuffed in to the guest room. No one has been here for almost a month now and so it has gotten filled with the extra things that don’t go anywhere else yet. Someone NEEDS to come visit so I get it cleaned out! We have painted a couple of walls in the main part of the house but for the most part the ‘decorating phase’ has not started yet. We love our location! Our ‘backyard’, as we call it, is the 330 acre Ute Valley Park. The trail head is 1.5 blocks from the house and we go often to walk and hike. It must be where the coyotes we hear run at night. We have enjoyed the doe and her twin fawns that frequent the park as well as the birds – especially the humming birds. They are quite common there and they allow you to get up close. They will sit in a tree and just let you walk by! They are beautiful.

We are loving the weather, the people, our church, the neighbors, and for me especially, The World Prayer Center. This facility built next our church, New Life Church, was apart of a vision God gave our pastor, Ted Haggard. There was to be prayer in this building 24/7. It is open all that time and there are people there praying most of any 24 hour period. Wonderful worship takes place there everyday at noon and many other times as well. It is also home to the Wagner Institute, Twentyfour Seven (youth discipleship/leadership program), The School of Worship, and The Arsenal Bookstore, which has some of the most awesome worship music anywhere. I have had the honor of attending a seminar there on prayer, have opportunity to be a part of Prayer Shield which is a family support ministry, and also go there to pray and or worship at any hour of the day or night. It has been awesome! I have been changed being in His Presence and seeing how the power of God is working in people’s lives.

Life has been very full and rewarding. We have had the opportunity to sit under John and Lisa Bevere’s teaching as well as our very own anointed and wise Pastor, worship with John Tesh, hike some awesome places, and get to know new friends. Although, we miss you all and wish you were here to enjoy ALL this with us. We do lift up you up as God brings you to mind that He might bless you, meeting all your needs, and making Himself known to you in new and exciting ways. No one here could take your places in our hearts.

God has truly blessed us by bringing us here. He has brought restoration to our family through all that He has here for us. It has been a short 3 months the 15th but we feel like we have been here much longer as we just feel at home here. God is so good and faithful!! Praise be to His name!

2 thoughts on “Father Redeem My Time!

  1. Well all I have to say is awesome. I mean, no, that wasn’t what I wanted to say, what I really meant is you better find some time to get that guest room cleaned up. 🙂 After all fall break is coming up soon! But perhaps I and some of the rest of the guys back here in Indianola will find time to start out with a good ole phone call first.
    Prayers and blessings!

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