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I serve an awesome God!! Yes, I am in awe of Him on a pretty regular basis. This morning, however, I am praising Him that He has a plan and a purpose for each of our lives. Part of that plan and purpose is to see His children walking in wholeness. It may take time and effort to see that healing manifested but I know that God is more than able to bring us to that place where we walk out that manifestation of wholeness. I have seen it many times in my own life and I see it in the lives of many around me as well. I love seeing God being God and the sacrifice that Jesus made for us on the Cross (which includes wholeness) manifested!

As many of you know, I have been in Florida with Josh. He had become very ill several weeks ago when some chronic, undiagnosed symptoms came to the surface all at once. He was one very sick young man!! He was in and out of the ER at the local hospital twice in 72 hours. It was not a good time. That situation has gotten the doctors attention though and after two years of living in pain and a ‘ less than quality life’, it is long overdue!!

I don’t want to bore you with all the details but a flyover would probably be good. Josh injured his back in a training exercise in the spring of 2002. No one would believe that he had damaged his lower back. Consequently, there were no x-rays or any physical therapy; just ‘take this high powered Motrin and go back to work, kid’. He had good days and bad. That started the cycle of including a stop at the Medical Clinic as part of his routine. He would have a good week and then a bad one. This continued until he started to fly about 16-18 months ago. The vibration on the helicopters and the poorly designed seats would aggravate the situation so that he was in pain a lot of the time. Flying became bittersweet. He LOVED flying but there was a price to pay many times with pain following the flight.

The solution the doctors offered was to double up on the Motrin and keep working. He started to develop stomach and digestive problems. Those were not treated at first either and then he was given another script for the stomach symptoms. No one stopped to think that the pain meds could be the cause. Life has gone on. Josh has tried to get someone to listen while the pain in both the back and the digestive system has increased. Food became a thing to avoid, as he never knew what might bring him cramps so badly that he would double over or spend the night in the bathroom. كازينو (فيلم)

When he moved here to Florida several months ago, Josh was blessed to find a doctor who would listen and treat him. This doctor has been in Joshua’s corner and been so helpful. He has listened and requested tests to get to the bottom of the symptoms. The tests have shown a herniation of the S1/L5 disc and partial herniation of the L5/L4. Upon my arrival, we found a doctor to give us a second opinion and treatment. We chose to try some alternative medicine treatment and began almost immediately to see improvement.

The more recent tests, done while I was there, showed an acute gastritis and erosions to the lower esophagus. The alternative therapy was helping this aspect as well as the back. In addition to the two great docs that God has provided, He blessed Josh with being right next to the best health food store I think I have been in. The knowledge of the staff is second to none. The co owners spent almost 2 hours with me one eve and while talking to them a lot of Joshua’s medical pieces fit together. I came back to the apartment very excited and we talked way into the night fitting more of the pieces together.

The following day, we started a number of supplements to build Josh in the areas that his body has become weakened in. He is feeling so much better. I knew that I was watching him heal as I saw the sparkle come back into his eyes and face as well as see his ornery side start to emerge last Saturday. I was thrilled to watch him on Sunday begin to interact with his new friends over lunch. He was laughing and carrying on conversations. طرق لعب الدومينو It was grand to see and be a part of!!

His friends even came to his apartment after church on Sunday eve to have a little birthday party with us. We were celebrating early. Josh will be 24 and since I won’t be here then, I decided a little cake and ice cream was necessary. Thank you Joe, Molly, Steve, and Eric for helping us celebrate not only Josh’s birthday but also his healing. I thoroughly enjoyed being with all of you. ملاكمه What a delight you are!!

It was a wonderful time for me! Besides getting to spend time just talking through all of the details with Josh, A LOT of the questions about his health have been answered. That is an HUGE awesome blessing! We have gotten to know one another better as adults. We have played x-box, and gone to the beach, and talked long hours into the night about dreams and goals. We have watched as God’s hand has moved and the manifestation of Joshua’s healing has unfolded! I wish I could have ‘before’ and after videos! He is walking without major pain, almost pain free actually. He is eating more than one meal a day!!! I have watched as he has taken the stairs to his apartment two at a time! Awesome!

I have been honored that my adult son allowed me to come, crowding into ‘his space’, sharing his friends, and just altering his life style for the moment. I will always treasure being able to be a part of this victory chapter in Joshua’s life! I love you, Josh and am excited for what God is doing in your life. We give Him all the Glory and praise Him for His wondrous love, providing all the knowledge and the possibilities!

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  1. Rhonda-How are you doing? I miss you so much! I have talked to K ALOT lately..its awesome!! I just read this blog about Josh and thought I would just let you know i was thinking about you guys. I’m glad to hear Josh is healed! That would have been a very scary situation to be in, but I’m glad to hear he is doing better! Well i hate to run so fast..bu ti’ve got to get going! love an dmiss you much!!

    God Bless-Becky

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