Leaving the Heise Hot Springs Behind

It is 3AM do YOU know where your kids are?! Just a parenting joke that seems appropriate at 3AM with my quirky sense of humor. I have been snuggled in my bed for an hour listening to the night sounds, enjoying the cool, moist air (often 40 degrees different than the day), watching the sky, listening to my tummy growl, and writing blogs in my head. The blogs and my tummy winning, I am up and writing. I have determined as I have been writing, I have shirked in my goal of lifelong learning and let my vocabulary wain. The last 3 years have been difficult, growth building and challenging. One of the costs has been I have let myself ‘shrink’ but that is another blog. Get ready, I may surprise you with my vocabulary building skills and send you running for a dictionary. 😉 Only time will tell….

About dinner time last evening, we had everything packed up – took a bit after being in one place for a month and then, hit the road. It was another of those hot, body glistening 90+ degree days of Summer we have become accustomed to in East Central Idaho. It is historically hot here and we are anxious to move somewhere cooler. One last time we are traversing the bumpy, curving Old Ririe Highway through the small berg of Ririe and West to Rigby. We will both miss this rich, verdant valley with its long gently rolling low hills. It is a valley busy and rich with crops at the moment. Gorgeous alfalfa being cut and baled, some unfortunately wet from yesterday’s sudden rain shower. The golden hops that just started harvesting yesterday and the potatoes almost ready for all of the “spud cellars”.

We are headed to Stallings Automotive again. We brought Clifford here last week to get a new radiator and while we were here, a charging system check, his battery light started coming on. It ended in an alternator repair also. These people came highly recommended and we can see why. They are honest, professional, prompt and efficient. They didn’t even charge for the cooling system check and we left with no repair! When is the last time you had that happen?! We hope you can find someone so knowledgeable as Bryce and his team when you are on the road. They have treated us well and we are back to have them check the trailer brakes in the AM. But, again, I digress…….

We arrived before Bryce left for the day to get parking instructions. This is a community of just under 4,000 folks. Feels wonderfully small town and we are again struck by the kindness of people in the valley. Few know we are not ‘local’ and so it is not a “tourist” treatment.

The Lord is SO kind, we have had so many special treasures as we have traveled. Tonight’s treasure – we are backed up to a vet clinic. Not very exciting you say. Well, Silly YOU! THIS vet clinic besides having a caring, helpful staff, as we experienced last week for Abby, has a paddock with a rescue horse! I will take a horse in any condition next to my trailer! Abby and I greeted her shortly after arriving. She is at least 100 lbs. under weight, has scars on her left shoulder and a large part of her mane is missing right to the skin on her neck. She approaches easily but is reserved at first until she knows she can trust you.

Her whiny in the night is part of why I got up as well. Every couple of hours she will call, a single, somewhat sad, whiny and then she is quiet again. I went out to comfort her a little bit ago. She didn’t want affection this time, like earlier, but just to know someone was there. She came to the fence and just lowered her head to eat some of the lovely clover pasture but didn’t want to be touched. I trust that something I have been able to share will bring healing to her tormented heart.

Well, morning is coming faster than I would like. My yummy snack is gone, my blog written, so I shall go back and get warm in my snuggly bed to catch a few hours of sleep before the dawn. After Bryce and his team do their thing on our trailer, we will head out to Darby, MT and our next chapter as Assistant Managers of a small RV Park. You can see it at www.travellersrestmtn.us. Pray that Clifford gets over the Continental Divide well. Everyone tells us, “it’s a ‘long pull’ from Salmon to the Lost Trail Pass”. One long “hill” with a 3000 Ft elevation gain, Clifford’s new cooling system check! He is a diesel after all, built to pull! We will let you share in the victory!