Mom Comes To Visit

Just a day after returning from Florida and my stay with Josh, Matt’s Mom came to visit us. What a treat! It was great to have her here to catch up on all things family and to just laugh and tell family stories. I learned alot I hadn’t know previously.

Mom and I spent a thrilling part of her first afternoon at Wild Oats. For those of you not living in Colorado, Wild Oats is one of the treasures here! It is a health food grocery store the size of a HyVee. The options are almost limitless and exciting. The produce is awesome, loads of fresh flowers, meat without antibiotics, well you get the picture. I LOVE going there. It is just a wonderful experience. Mom agreed. I promise not to torture any of the rest of you with a visit to Wild Oats when you come, it is just something that Mom and I can share.

We also took drives through the gorgeous terrain. The most fun was the trip up Pikes Peak on Saturday. We spent much of the morning going up, stopping at different points to catch the views and take pictures as well as to enjoy the different wildlife at the varying altitudes. The Peak was clear and beautiful on that day although a bit chilly at 24 degrees with a chilly wind. There was snow that had melted and packed down to ice so that walking was a bit tricky at times but we got to see the views from all points. Visibility was excellent, it was awesome!

On the return trip, we stopped to have a snack at the Halfway Picnic Ground and got to eat with the most unusual bird. He came right up to within 5 feet of Mom. Of course we fed him a little bit of our snack. I am sure he had been fed before as he was too friendly for a bird in the wild. None of us have ever seen a bird like him and have not identified him yet. He was shy so there are no pictures of him here. He refused to pose.

We found the best shop in Manitou Springs for rocks, minerals, and silver jewelry on the way back down the mountain. Some of the most unusual rocks from around the world! HUGE amethyst , some four feet high, and many other kinds as well.

No trip here is complete without a trip through the Garden of the Gods. Even though dusk was falling, we made a trip through so Mom could see the unusual rock formations and colorings there. They were gorgeous in the pre-dusk sunlight!

We also had a marathon shopping trip and put together a wardrobe for Mom on Monday. There are so many wonderful shops here and with her petite size it was a great time! It was a fun-filled, action-packed time that left us wishing she could stay longer but her life in Iowa beckoned. We will wait for her return in the spring, all the while compiling a list of fun things to do.