My Heart Knows I Live For Your Glory

Good Morning! I am rejoicing just in the goodness of my Father this morning! There are so many things that I need to communicate to so many of you but my heart is so full this AM of the Glory of the Lord that I want to just go up and stand on the housetop and shout to the Lord. This is the next best thing, and with fresh snow by far the safest, to the top of the house!

So I stand this AM and shout to the Heavens, You are Holy! Jesus I belong to You , the reason that I am, the reason that I sing. Jesus I believe in You, Jesus I belong to You, the reason I live, the reason that I sing with all I am. I will worship, I will worship You, I will worship, I will worship You. Jesus I belong to You……………..

I recommend Hillsong’s new CD, For All You’ve Done along with a fresh, beautiful ‘Christmas Card snow storm’ to set your heart right. The deer have been through the yard already this AM and although I doubt I will be glad they are here next year when I try to garden, I am enjoying them now. Oh, the CD will work in your heart without the snow, if you must. Much love to all!