The Challenge Of The Day

Each day of this journey has had opportunities to go ballistic, lose our tempers or be refined. By refined, I mean seeing the beauty in challenge; allowing ourselves to grow and stretch. We choose to find the humor in each challenge (there generally is some somewhere!) and not forgetting we are on the same team needing to work together. We joked at one point last year that we felt like the “Gumby twins”. The green stretchy character from our childhood was our mascot of sorts for months. He could be adopted again. Hmmm, maybe he should be.

Today was no exception. Seeing the Grand Tetons has been on my bucket list for most of my life. It was always too far for Matt to venture to so it remained on my list. Well, here we are camping just a mere 2 hours from the National Park . We have planned to hike both the park itself and the western side of the Tetons. Checking the weather last night was not encouraging. Unlike Colorado Springs, when the meteorologist says 50% chance of rain and it doesn’t, here, they say that and it rains. That was our forecast. We went to bed a bit disappointed but slightly optimistic that the morning would produce a better forecast. It didn’t. Plan “B”. Work today and hike on Friday when the weather was more conducive to breathtaking photo opportunities and hikes without lightning.

I left Matt waking up over coffee and a morning protein shake to make a much needed laundry run, hoping I could accomplish this without much competition. A fairly large percentage of the folks here are “seasonal campers” . Like Florida snowbirds, Idaho has a summer crowd that lives where it is very hot October to May and comes here May to October. They golf on our 9 hole course each day, first thing, and take care of the mundane things of life later. I can often do laundry early and be out passing them on their way “home”. That was the way it happened today. Whew! Mark that off my “Honey do list”.

When I returned home, Matt was not feeling well. I worked on some planning and finance things while he napped. That was the cure he needed!

After a bit of lunch and a couple of discussions about what I had been working on, the power went off. Now, it is again, 90 degrees today, power is necessary! We begin checks of our connections to be sure it is not just us. Our neighbor is out checking his box too so we are not alone. As Matt comes back inside, the power is restored but only for a moment. I hear a small pop in our “electronic cupboard”. Now Matt is calmly checking inside connections. Moments pass without electricity and a “hot electrical” smell develops. Hmm. Open the electronics cupboard a second time. It is almost exploding with that pungent odor of burned up electricals. This day is SO not going as planned! Sniffing away, we locate the area where the smell emanates from and sorting through the maze of cables to find our hero, the surge protector! Fortunately the surge protector did its job and saved our new printer, DVD player, my phone and several other electronics in there. Halleluiah!

The rest of the afternoon is spent rearranging the electronics and finding them opportunities to share space with one another on another surge protector as a thunderstorm is predicted and appears imminent when looking southwest. Tomorrow chore list just got a bit longer as we will make the decision to buy a system surge protector. These are recommended for RVs so that ALL your electrical systems are protected from surges. We just hadn’t gotten that far down our ‘want list’ and are so grateful for the grace today! Learning to accept the changes in our day and the challenge that we are faced with is a big growth factor for us. We choose to remain in peace and return to joy as quickly as possible in these situations. A long walk Jesus has had us on.

I am almost giddy as the much needed, desired rain majestically begins with a magnificent light show of both bolt and sheet lightening. There was basically no thunder, just glorious continuous, steady RAIN. Our 4th of July fireworks were fantastic here but this certainly held a paralleled without all the noise. We snuggled up in our bed to catch the end of God’s light show, which is mostly sheet lightening by now, and listen to the peaceful, soothing rhythm of the rain patters on our roof. There is rejoicing and thankfulness as it has been so long since we have seen more than a 5 minute shower or a 5 minute slamming of a wall of water with wind. This is so lovely and refreshing! We passed the challenge of the day to not get in strife, anger or unkindness, by His grace we finish in such peace.

The Tetons remain on my bucket list until Friday but now are close enough I can touch them! My childish glee is showing!

2 thoughts on “The Challenge Of The Day

  1. so very envious of the the rain storm and God’s light show…lesigh. send some our direction!

  2. The Tetons are the most beautiful mountain range I have seen. I hope you get to enjoy them! A day hike up a canyon will be very rewarding for you.

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