The Wonder and Beauty of Each Day!

Today, two of my dear friends are giving their children in marriage to one another! I am so excited for them all! This is truly a day that two families – the Johnsons and the Elsons- are being blended together for a fabulous work and testimony to the Lord of Hosts. I know there has to be a mixture of emotions but as I have watched both families, the overwhelming one has to be the awe of God and His Plan. can a dog on monthly ivermectin get mange? Who would have thought four or five years ago that these two friends that have grown up together with my kiddos would find a wonderous love for each other through their walk with the Lord. can youbuse liquid ivermectin for horses He is so awesome!
Kristina was able to go and take part in the festivities! We are excited to have her back home again soon so we can hear and see all the smiling faces, love shown toward one another, Glory given to the Lord, and details of the event. Mary promised pictures and maybe even video! That will not be like being there as we had planned but will be the next best thing.
We love you all and have thought of you often today and lifted all the details to our Father for His blessing. What an awesome event and day! Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Josiah Johnson!

May God in His infinite wisdom, grant you a life full of His love poured through each other, forgiveness for even the small things as they can be big stumbling blocks, blindness to the faults of one another, mercy, grace, and strength to do as Jesus -say what His Father said and did – honoring Him and each other. It will be a joy to watch you grow together as you grow in Him. baycox vs ivermectin We love you!