What a Blessed Birthday!

Life in Colorado has been awesome so far and I have yet to find something that I don’t love so it is wonderful to share it with friends and family. I have had the privilege to have Josh here with us longer than he had planned and then to have Rose and Angie with us over the 4th of July and my birthday was a HUGE blessing!

Angie arrived on Friday with loads of Iowa lovings and hugs as only Angie could give them. She and Rose have been friends with Kristina since they were little girls. They are truly ‘lifetime friends’ for Kristina! For me they both are daughters, so it was with real delight that we welcomed her into our home.

Saturday we went up to Pike’s Peak which is an awesome experience anyway but with Josh, Kristina, and Angie it was a special experience. We enjoyed the lovely views along the way and then from the top, it is breathtaking. A once in a lifetime experience for sure! There was snow ‘up on top’ and it was a warm 32 degrees. Quite the change from the mild 80 degrees or so at the bottom. It was very interesting to see the different vegatation of the mountain and how the terrain changes. We were all surprised that flowers actually grow at the top! In the granite! It is an amazing testimony to how God created the Earth and that He thinks there should be flowers EVERYWHERE. I agree!

Rose was spending the summer at the Navigators program at Snow Mountain and made the 3 hour drive down to see us all on Monday. That was awesome! Thank you, Rose for your extra effort I know it was hard to get away but we LOVED having you here! Your challenges to us and sharing about what God was doing in and through you at Snow Mountain were exciting to hear and experience.

Angie and Kristina had made breakfast of all kinds of yummy things. They also baked a beautiful delicious carrot cake (quite a feat at this altitude!) and we had a birthday party that so humbled and blessed me. There were gifts and cards to be treasured. Lovely, edifying, heart warming sentiments written and spoken. I cannot put into words how celebrated I felt and still feel st the memory of it all.

Both Rose and Angie had to go back to their own responsibilities in their lives by Tuesday. I will treasure the time that we had talking, laughing, and loving one another that weekend for a lifetime. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all of you. I am a blessed woman to be so showered with your love.