Rampart Range Reservoir

Josh gives his Mountain Bike a workoutThe whole crew made a little excursion up to Rampart Reservoir today. Josh and Kristina took their bikes in the back of the Comanche while Ronda and I took Abby in her Jeep. The reservoir is located in the Rampart Range and is accessible by either driving up Rampart Range Rd which is rather long and twisty, or , by going up to Woodland Park and coming in the back way.

We opted to go via Rampart Range Rd. and return through Woodland Park. Rampart Range Rd. starts in the Garden of the Gods park and immediately begins climbing the foothills. It’s a gravel surface and was quite passable when we went. Many nice views are available along the way. The road eventually reaches the top of the Rampart Range at approx 9,000ft elevation and then begins to follow the ridgeline for the most part.

Upon arriving at the reservoir we started looking for some trails that could be biked. We crossed the dam and stopped at a trailhead that led down to a smaller reservoir (Nichols Reservoir). The sign indicated 1.8 miles as I recall. Kristina decided to hike with us but Josh rode his new Mountain Bike (MB). The trail descended fairly rapidly at first but leveled out and followed a small stream down to the little reservoir. There was no other public access to the reservoir so it is very quiet and peaceful there. We poked around a bit and let Josh ride his MB down some big boulders.

We headed back to grab some lunch and look for the easy trails I had seen on the map but not yet found on the ground. We drove back a little ways and finally found the spot. Both Josh and Kristina took off with their bikes down the trail that circles the reservoir while Ronda and I took Abby and followed. We did not plan on going to far so we found a nice boulder to relax on and enjoyed a beautiful afternoon.

Josh and Kristina ended up having a little more stressful time. The trail turned out to be a somewhat longer than they had anticipated and neither had really left prepared for an extended ride. Three hours later we spotted a fishing boat coming across the lake with a couple of bikes in it. Fortunately for them they found some local fishermen who were willing to give them a ride back else they would have been at least another hour or two.

As we headed towards Woodland Park along Rampart Range Rd. we drove out of the forested area and into some wide open mountain meadowland with spectacular views of Pikes Peak and the surrounding mountain ranges.